Ear Infections

ear infectionThe most common reasons behind parents visiting a pediatrician is their child suffering from reoccurring ear infections (Otis media). This is because ear infections are often the most common and most painful ailments a child can go through.

The most common methods used are:
Antibiotic Courses: For severe bacterial infections, this may be the right route to take, but many cases are viral, and it is in these cases that antibiotics are ineffective.

Ear-tubes: Artificial drainage tubes via surgical implantation require a risky anesthesia to be administered, and more often than not, they come out. Fortunately, many parents adopt a more conservative approach:

Chiropractic Care: A thorough examination to locate and adjustment nerve disturbances that may make the ears prone to infection.
Our bodies have an unbelievable power to battle infection. When that ability is reduced, it means something else is wrong.

Nerve Compromise

Many of us may be unaware that some of the nerves which control, regulate and monitor the ear begin in the brain stem, continue down the spinal cord and exit out from between the bones of the spinal column.
Changes to the function of the bones in the upper neck may affect the quality of the nerve signals to and from the brain. Obviously, this can affect the ability of any organ or tissue, in this case your child’s ear, to “protect itself” from infection.

Impaired Drainage

Nerve compromise is often accompanied by abnormal tension to the muscles which support the spine. Besides “protecting” the spine from further compromise, these muscle spasms can exert pressure on nearby lymphatic drainage ducts. This prevents natural drainage, further complicating the problem.

Our Job

Our chiropractic approach is quite simple, really. We attempt to seek out the upper spine distortion. If nerve tension is found, we reduce it as smoothly as possible with safe and natural chiropractic adjustments. This helps repair nervous system integrity. For a child or infant, this usually requires no more than a light touch with our fingertip at just the right place and direction.

Parents love our technique. We ensure everything is explained in the minutest detail to them in advance. Our chiropractic adjusting approach is safe and results are achieved naturally. Give us a call at our office in Surrey. Let us be of service to you.