Immune System

Chiropractic care is also able to help your immune system function better.  This is not surprising considering that the practice of chiropractic care assists the entire body to function better both as isolated parts and as a more cohesive whole.  A body that is balanced is better equipped to defend itself against the immune system threats that many people face on a daily basis, and chiropractic treatment works toward that end.

A healthy immune system is said to be able to easily take care of the majority of the threats that it encounters on a daily basis.  You have surely heard how proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and low stress levels help your body to stay healthy.  Keeping your body balanced requires more than monitoring these outer influences.  Your inner workings, including your spinal positioning, also have an effect.

A poorly positioned spinal column can interfere with the signals being sent from the brain to other parts of the body.  It can even put pressure on nerves endings which, aside from causing pain, can inhibit the ability of your immune system to fight off invaders.  The nervous system has dominion over all the systems of the body including the immune system.  Proper spinal alignment allows for the proper functioning of everything else in the body, including the immune system.

Spinal misalignment can not only cause problems, but it can leave you more vulnerable to outside threats such as viruses.  The proper alignment of the spine can restore order to the body, allow for an immune system that functions properly, and can help your body to repel invaders that it is naturally able to repel.

The systems of the body are not independent of each other.  Poor functioning in one system affects all the other systems.  It is one large integrated whole.

More than affecting one system, issues with the spine affect the communication that keeps the body running as it should.  Slow or absent signals leave the body vulnerable and unable to defend itself from outside influences just as those affected signals can slow or prevent the body from healing already existing injuries.

You cannot have spinal misalignments and expect your immune system to be functioning properly.  When your spinal positioning is impaired then your immune system follows.

Chiropractic care seeks to rectify these spinal misalignments and thereby restores the immune system to its natural state of functioning.  As problems are corrected, the immune system becomes better able to take care of the body.  The effects of chiropractic care are far reaching and even play a large part in the cold and flu season.

The other possible benefits of chiropractic care are endless.  You are not just treating one isolated part of the body when you improve the alignment of the spine.  You are allowing the entire system to function more efficiently.

This is another example of the system’s integrated nature.  When you correct alignment of nerve signals to one part of the body, you do not just work to ameliorate whatever condition brought that patient in for treatment in the first place.  You also allow for clearer, faster signals to reach that entire region of the body.

The ability to treat isolated, discernable health conditions is a straightforward benefit of chiropractic treatment, but its effects also include a less describable improvement of the functioning of all bodily systems.  Not all systems deteriorate to the point where the need for improvement is obvious.  Some systems have a less discernible downward slide that may not even be noticed until their full potential is once again restored and realized.

Many benefits of chiropractic care have been observed both by science and by anecdotal evidence from patients themselves.  It is true that one must take into account the possibility of a placebo effect wherein patients simply convince themselves that they are experiencing an improvement in their symptoms regardless of the efficacy of a treatment protocol, but the consistent nature of positive feedback and the research that has supported these claims is difficult to ignore.  The benefits of chiropractic care for patients are very real.

You may view the ability to treat back problems, neck problems, and problems with the spine without having to resort to surgery as a major benefit of chiropractic services.  Chiropractic care may not allow patients to avoid surgery in all cases, but it has allowed many to forego this invasive maneuver.

The word invasive is not used in this case to mean that it is entirely detrimental.  Rather, surgery can do a lot of good when necessary.  It is only meant that surgery by its very nature is an invasive procedure.  This description separates it from chiropractic care which is non-invasive and only seeks to rearrange what is already present in the body.  It works with the body in its natural form as opposed to forcibly entering the body to make alterations.

It has also been noted that the lungs may be freed up and breathing may be improved through the utilization of chiropractic services.  This is easily understood as chiropractic adjustments may restore the body to its correct posture which maximizes the space available for lungs to expand during each breath.  A person who is hunched over may be physically restricting breathing through posture so a reversal of this postural abnormality would restore breathing capacity.  Because respiratory functioning is such an important part of the overall functioning of the body, this restoration of breathing capacity is no small accomplishment.

It has been noted that chiropractic care has managed to improve conditions such as the common cold, allergies, and asthma in some patients.  After gaining a working knowledge of how the body works and how chiropractic care improves the state of the body as a complete entity, this is not surprising.  This ability to improve numerous health afflictions is in addition to the way that this treatment has been known to aid of the nervous system in its functioning as well as assisting the functioning of the heart and the coronary arteries.  The effects of chiropractic care seem to go well into every system of the body in practice as well as in theory.

Some patients also experience a better feeling of overall health.  This may included lessened anxiety, depression, and tension.  By allowing some patients to relax and improve their mood state, the effects of chiropractic treatment extend further into the promotion of an overall sense of well being.  Aside from the feeling of relief that surely accompanies a reduction in pain and physical problems, these results can often be found when chiropractic care is used solely as a preventative measure.

Finally, chiropractic care has been known to increase a patient’s energy level and, of course, improve the patient’s ability to heal.  With all the benefits that chiropractic care can provide, it is no wonder that this alternative method of healing continues to grow in popularity.

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