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We believe our human potential is unlimited, yet for most of us, extremely under utilized.

We further believe that we live in a highly organized universe and that each being in that universe has a specific purpose or mission to fulfill in this life.

Studies have shown that this organizational intelligence (in the universe) is manifested in each human being as innate or “inborn” intelligence. This intelligence is the inner power that allows our body to be a self healing, self regulating, self maintaining mechanism. This intelligence uses our nervous system to relay its information within our physical body.

Keeping this system free of interference so the body and the person will have the greatest opportunity to maintain their own health and well being, is the essence of chiropractic.

We challenge you to accept responsibility for your health.


Morgan Creek Family Chiropractic of South Surrey & White Rock is committed to promoting and developing the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic. We acknowledge the devastating effects of the vertebral subluxation on human health, potential & spirit, and have therefore aligned ourselves with the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance to help elevate the practice of chiropractic to new levels. With vision, honesty, commitment and integrity, we dedicate our time and efforts to the principle of chiropractic . . . . the biggest idea we know!

We’ve been delivering exceptional chiropractic care to the South Surrey/ White Rock area since 2013. Our approach is simple. We believe health is our most valuable possession. If you’ve come to us because you’ve lost yours, we will passionately try to help you get it back. Our commitment takes the form of 3 different levels of care.

Many people seek care in our office with one goal in mind:RELIEF. So that’s where we start! During this initial stage of . . . .


We feel we have several obligations:

  • Uncover the underlying cause of your particular health problem
  • Suggest a care plan to produce the fastest results possible
  • Offer ways for you to participate in your own recovery
  • Explain the value of postsymptomatic wellness care


This is when we focus on the underlying cause of your problem. Most of us don’t realize that at any given point in time, our body is the the physical embodiment of the sum total of all our life’s experience to that date. Previous life occurrences, such as slips & falls, sports injuries, prolonged & abnormal postures while at work, sleeping positions, car accidents and all other forms of biomechanical stress, are layered on our physical being like the layers of an onion. We will peel away those layers one at a time, and start restoring normal spinal function from the ground up. The treatments at this level of care are less frequent but spread out over a longer period of time . . . . from 1-2 years in most cases.


We encourage our patients to achieve the highest levels of health they can; to strive to live their life with passion. To this end, through various educational opportunities (such as this website), we hope to communicate the value of ongoing chiropractic care. Our desire is to see our practice members abandon the prevailing sickness care model of health, known as ‘crisis care‘ (waiting for symptoms and then taking action), in favor of the emerging ‘wellness‘ model. Treatments now are often only at a frequency of every 2-3 weeks or less; however often it takes to ‘hold pattern’.


Regardless of your health goals, please understand we see our role as one that will provide exceptional chiropractic health care & friendly service. We will proudly demonstrate an honest, caring attitude about all of your health concerns. We will NOT dictate what you must have with regards to treatment or life style. It’s your body, your health, your future and obviously your choice. Our job is to offer you the finest chiropractic care possible – it’s up to you to decide how much of it you want!

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