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You’re driving back home after a long day at work. Even though you can’t see it yet, you hear the unmistakable sound of tires screeching on the asphalt, sure to leave skid marks. Immediately after, you hear the crunch of metal hitting metal. Before you get the chance to save yourself, the car jerks forward violently.

Unseen Car Accidents Injury- South Surrey White Rock Chiropractic help

While you may not register it at the time, your body sustains more injuries than you would like to believe only from a dented fender or broken taillight. Research has proven that occupants of a car accident tend to minimize their own injuries when the damage to their vehicles is minimal, as well.

The Hospital Run

Chiropractic help in car accidentsAfter a car accident and a run to the emergency room, you might be given a bill of good health just because there are no broken bones. Prescriptions might be given to reduce the muscle spasms caused by structural changes in your neck or lower back.
After the trauma your system has been through, you’ll need a  a chiropractor who fully comprehends the consequences of soft tissue injuries, spinal biomechanics and rehabilitation strategies.Don’t wait, call our practice in Surrey today!

Let us be of Service

If you have been in a car accident, you are strongly recommended to get in touch with a chiropractic service. We would be pleased to meet with you and assess your overall health here at Morgan Creek Family Chiropractic.

Common Questions

  • Why do my arms and hands hurt?
    A quivering or tingling sensation and numbness in the arms and hands is quite common after an auto accident. This is because the spine houses all the nerves to the arms and hands, and most often the spine is the first area to sustain trauma. As a reaction to the loss of proper spinal curves or directly affected by the trauma, lower back pain can also crop up.
  • Why didn’t my headaches start immediately after my accident, and occur over a week later?
    This is because when your body’s ability to adjust to the constantly changing environment is exhausted, that is when symptoms occur. It is quite possible that at the time of your accident, your body wasn’t exhausted, and the after-effects of the trauma endured resulted in the headaches. There could be factors other than the accident affecting your body, such as stress, physical strain, etc. These symptoms can take days, weeks, months or even years to arise.
  • Will I ever be back to my regular old self again?
    Naturally, the sooner you address and resolve and issue, the quicker the recovery time. Putting off the required healing process will only result in delaying the road to recovery. There have been many cases of chiropractic patients testifying that spinal functions have improved and symptoms reduced post treatment.