Direct Billing


Morgan Creek Family Chiropractic offers direct billing to most Extended Benefits Plans!

We directly bill on behalf of patients covered by the following extended health care plans:
Pacific Blue Cross – Great West Life – Sun life- Manulife – Chamber of Commerce – RCMP – Veterens – Cowan – Industrial Alliance johnson Inc – Maximum Benefit – Johnson Group – Standard Life

Important information for Patients:

In order to be set up for Direct Billing,patients must provide their Member ID and Policy under any of the above plans.(Unfortunately, we cannot search patients without their member and policy information. The direct billing portaldoesn’t allow for it or provide any extensive plan information) It’s imperative that patients have the information with them when they come to the clinic for initial set-up.

All patients need to sign a consent form authorizing the clinic to directly bill,as well as authori zing the clinic to receive payment,rather than the patient.

Insurance plans only allow direct billing to the primary plan, not both primary and or secondary.
Example: Bob has Great West Life,and his wife has Pacific Blue Cross.They are on each others plans.We are only able to submit to GWL
for Bob,and he is able to submit the remaining uninsured amount to his spouses plan privately if he chooses to do so.

NOTE:This is an insurer policy, not a clinic policy.