Intersegmental Traction Table

Intersegmental Chiropractic TableThere are many beneficial factors for the usage of an intersegmental traction table which is the process where passive motion is applied to the spine in order to place the spinal joints in a stretch. Morgan Creek Family Chiropractic utilizes this table to help patients suffering from spinal injuries, scoliosis and to help increase mobility while improving flexibility. The basic foundation of this therapy is that the spine is exercised without exertion by the patients themselves, which is great for acute conditions where active exercising may be problematic. When being treated by chiropractors, the patient lies face up and there are rolling cams beneath the surface of the table, which slowly travel up and down the length of the spine. Other therapeutic benefits of the traction table are that it promotes the increase of fluid while allowing the spine to restore its natural elasticity. This treatment method is very relaxing and there is no pain involved, in fact, patients commonly report feeling at ease.

Some common immediate benefits reported by patients are improved circulation, increased mobility, decrease in stiffness and a sense of relaxation.

To find out if intersegmental traction table is beneficial to you, call Morgan Creek Family Chiropractic today and set up an appointment. Dr.Thindal formulates a patient plan that will specifically address all of your individual needs and concerns to improve your health and wellness.