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Chiropractor in South Surrey – White Rock- Fraser Valley

Dr. Raji Thindal, Registered Chiropractor for Surrey Residents

Dr.Thindal is a Chiropractor in Surrey who is dedicated to providing patients with natural and effective health care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As a chiropractor, she strives to optimize patient’s health and provide them with real life strategies to eliminate or reduce their physical, chemical and emotional stressors. It is our goal to provide all our patients with long lasting health and results.

When asked the famous question to Dr.Thindal, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Dr.Thindal never had a definitive answer although she always knew that she wanted to work in the healthcare field. As a child she was always rubbing out sore areas for friends and family and would get joy from hearing that her touch would relieve them of their chronic pain.

Dr. John Korkees – Chiropractor in Surrey

Dr. John Korkees graduated with honours from University of Windsor, where he earned a Bachelor of Kinesiology, majoring in Movement Science. He then went on to obtain his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario. During his education at CMCC and in clinical practice, Dr. Korkees has treated a diverse group of patients,
ranging from young to elderly populations.

Dr. Korkees focuses on the most current, evidence-based research when designing treatment plans. He implements treatment and rehabilitation protocols that are tailored to individual patient needs in order to provide patients with the most comprehensive care possible. His treatments include chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue therapy, and therapeutic modalities, including Shockwave, while emphasizing the importance of movement and exercise.

Dr. Kelly Morlog, D.C. Chiropractor 
in Surrey

Dr. Kelly Morlog attended Queen’s University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Biology and Health Studies. She continued her education at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College to obtain her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. During her time at CMCC, she worked as an emergency responder, personal trainer and athletic trainer for various sports teams.
Growing up as a competitive gymnast, Dr. Morlog used chiropractic as a safe and natural way to support her through her training and manage her injuries. It also sparked her interest in biomechanics of the human body and the benefits of manual therapy both in athletics and everyday life.
Dr. Morlog’s education, personal experience and training have all been geared towards helping people move better and feel better as a result. She uses an evidence-based approach to develop individualized treatment plans for each patient to reduce painful symptoms and increase/maintain proper function. Her treatments include chiropractic manipulations, soft tissue therapy, activator adjustments, functional rehabilitation, and she is certified in Active Release Therapy.

Magdalena Galicki, RMT

Magdalena completed the Massage Therapy Program through the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy.

Before coming to Canada she completed her studies in Germany and became a registered Physiotherapist in 2007. She worked in a Pulmonary Clinic for 3 years in Germany and for 6 years in a Nursing Home & Senior Living Group in Switzerland. Her background as a physiotherapist and working with patients who have respiratory distress, neurological disorders and dementia has given her an established knowledge for her treatments.

 In her treatments she uses a variety of techniques, such as active release techniques, joint mobilizations, trigger point release and myofascial release.

She devotes herself to help you return to functional activities of daily life.

Massage therapy

Lan Liu, RMT (Registered Massage Therapist)
Swedish massage, trigger point release and myofascial release

Lan’s passion for massage began when she worked as a medical interpreter. Having witnessed terminal patients gone through grief, fear, loneliness, and desperation, she was determined to make a difference.

Lan graduated in 2015 as an RMT from West Coast College of Massage Therapy. She is a very intuitive therapist with a strong base of understanding and knowledge of working with the body and mind, to maximize the healing process.

Lan customizes her treatments specific to the patients’ needs by incorporating various techniques including Swedish massage, dermo neuromodulation, myofascial manipulation, active release, muscle energy technique, joint mobilization with hot/cold therapeutic stone massage. Lan believes that the combination of different massage methods empowers her to resolve the root cause of patients’ problems.

On recognizing that most of today’s fatal diseases may be the consequence of long-term stress or unhealthy lifestyles, Lan is committed to diversifying her skills to treating and educating patients to take back control of their health.

massage therapist surreyJulienne Shackelford, RMT

Julienne first discovered the benefits of massage therapy, as part of her own health, suffering from a TMJ disorder, as well as rib subluxations & diaphragm muscle spasm (the muscle that helps you breathe!). The benefits of massage therapy in her own life sparked a passion that became a lifetime pursuit. Julienne graduated from West Coast College of Massage. During her time at West Coast, Julienne got the opportunity to work with patients of all kinds. Participating in massage outreaches at Canuck’s place, UBC, & Vancouver General Hospital. Julienne particularly enjoys working with patients with chronic pain, TMJ disorders, & car accident injuries by implementing fascial work, muscle energy techniques and other effective techniques.

Julienne’s approach to health as a Registered Massage Therapist is an integrated approach addressing both the mind and the body as one. Working to eliminate or decrease the stresses that patients in a fast-paced environment incur, through massage treatment and home care strategies allowing the patient to take an active part in their own health.


Megan Alcott, RMT

Megan graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy and has a passion to help others. Her primary goal is to help people improve their quality of life through pain and stress management by using a variety of massage techniques such as trigger point release, stretching, myofascial release, joint play and Swedish massage. She is compassionate and ready to listen to her clients as they share their concerns regarding their health.

Megan’s previous clients have included those in all ages and stages of life including but not limited to people with chronic pain, pregnant mothers, athletes, seniors, special needs and recovering addicts.  Megan looks forward to meeting you and assisting you in reaching your health potential.


Tyson Popoff, Registered Licensed Acupuncturist

Tyson graduated from the KPU TCM/Acupuncture program with Dean’s list honours receiving a diploma in TCM Acupuncture. He has treated all sorts of muscle pain and injuries using many modalities such as needling, cupping, Tui na massage, Gua Sha stone massage, and electroacupuncture. He believes in a calm, relaxed approach based on communication and an understanding between himself and his patient while working towards a common goal of recovery. Athletics has always been a massive part of his life as he grew up constantly involved with sports, excelling at baseball, soccer, and hockey leading to baseball scholarships in Salt Lake City and UBC. Tyson’s background helped spark a passion for helping people manage their injuries through treatment, exercises, and stretching.