Pinched Nerve

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Pinched Nerve PainA pinched nerve isn’t just a nerve that’s being pinched.

There are 24 bones that move in your spine. They protect your spinal cord while allowing normal turning and bending. At each segmental level, there are pairs of nerve roots, one on each side, that branch off your spinal cord to service the organs and tissues of your body. It becomes impossible for the brain to properly control and regulate your body when these openings are obstructed, even slightly.
The malpositioning of the spinal bone can invade the space where these important nerve openings are located. This results in nerve irritation, which we call a vertebral subluxation complex.

Two Situations

Two types of nerve disturbances may occur when spinal bones lose their normal motion or position:

  • Compressed lesion – This is just another name for a pinched nerve. It’s surprising to know that this situation is actually quite rare.
  • Facilitative lesion – This is when the nerve root is stretched, twisted or chafed. This is a more commonly found malaise. Think: hard tissue rubbing on soft tissue.

It must be considered that bones are static structures. They don’t move unless they are moved by muscles. And muscles can’t move bones unless the nervous system commands them to do so. An irritated nerve creates a vicious cycle. It is our duty to locate these areas of your spine and reduce their impact on your nervous system.

An Accurate Nudge

Before proceeding to chiropractic care, it is vital to carry conduct a thorough examination. This helps us identify areas of your spine where spinal bones are stuck and moving incorrectly. After this examination is completed, we give them just the right nudge, which is called a chiropractic adjustment. Your body then utilizes this energy to “correct itself” as nerve irritation reduces. This is because chiropractic care attends to the efficiency of your nervous system, and is a natural solution to many health problems. Visit Morgan Creek Family Chiropractic or call us today.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long does it take to decrease nerve irritation?
    There are many factors which result in different timelines. Many of our clients begin to feel the positive effects of chiropractic care very soon and decide to complete our suggested treatment. Factors incorporating a healthy lifestyle contribute towards a faster recovery.
  • My friend had to visit just once. What about me?
    Of course there are patients who experience almost instant relief. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long, and soon enough there is a relapse. This is because the muscles and soft tissues surrounding the joints haven’t been rejuvenated and retrained. It is often found that when chiropractic care is started once adulthood is reached, there is a significant structural and functional damage done due to years of neglect. This is why just one adjustment hardly ever brings about a long-lasting change.

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