Sciatica painImagine a tight band of pain starting from your lower back, and all the way down one, or even both legs. It becomes difficult to walk, uncomfortable to lie down, sit or stand. Sometimes it’s difficult just getting out of bed because the pain in your lower back and legs is excruciating. You neglect it, and go about your daily routine. One day, you sneeze or cough and that jolt is painful in your lower back and legs. If you have these symptoms, then you have sciatica. This means that the discs between the spinal bones of your lower back has received trauma, causing them to bulge. This in turn invades the space of nerves surrounding your spinal cord. The pain may appear to originate from your leg, but it is actually your spine!

Sciatica pain treatment in Surrey, South Surrey and White Rock

A program of chiropractic adjustments has produced results for many people. It results in improved joint motion in the lower back.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Sciatica pain

  • How does sciatica happen?
    While the events behind spinal problems are easily detectable, it is usually because of years of bad posture, poor muscle tone, excess weight or countless other causes. After that, it can be something as regular and normal as lifting a chair to bring the onset of sciatica. Another problem can be spinal decay. Arthritic bone spurs can impose into the area reserved for the nerve, instead of disc thinning that puts pressure on the sciatic nerve roots.
  • Can sciatica be cured by chiropractic?
    The truth is that only your body can do the curing, chiropractic doesn’t cure anything at all. Our approach in chiropractic care to any problem is to bring your spine to optimal working level, thus minimizing nerve irritation and rejuvenating your body’s own healing capability.
  • How much chiropractic care does sciatica require?
    This is entirely up to you, and of course varies according to the condition of one’s spinal condition. A majority of sciatica patients are immensely satisfied with the results of chiropractic care after weeks or months. Others realize they need further treatment after experiencing a relapse.
  • What if I can’t recall any ‘trauma’?
    We hear this very often. Due to the fact that our bodies adapt easily, many stresses can be contained for many years. There finally comes a point though, where our spine just can’t take anymore and even the slightest wrong move results in disc issues.

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