Slipped Disc

A disc can wedge, bulge, protrude and herniate. This is where chiropractic care could help.

Nerve Gaps

The disc is a unique cartilage situated between the bones of your spinal column. It is attached to the vertebra above and below it. This is what creates the separation between spinal bones so pairs of nerves can exit the spine.

Turning and Bending

Slipped Disc PainBands of fibrous tissue consist of jelly-like “ball bearings” which each spinal disc has. Flexibility for normal turning and bending is possible only with healthy discs. The core can shift due to many factors which effect your spine, for example car accidents, slips, etc. The harmful situations you can find yourself in are:
Herniation – disc lodging in narrows nerve openings. Clear symptoms might not be there.
Protrusion – similar to a sore, the disc lumps where it is the weakest, causing pressure to fall on the nerve.
Prolapse – movement causes pain, because the rupture interferes with the cushioning and separating.

Chiropractic First

The natural solution for helping people with a multitude of disc problems can only be with chiropractic care.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can disc problems be resolved by chiropractic?
    Due to the fact that the intervertebral discs are the closest to the nerve roots and spinal cord, discs are the most frequent connection in chiropractic cases. The correct chiropractic adjustments help to bring back optimum motion and reposition malfunctioning spinal bones with minimal nervous system involvement. Chiropractic care aims to find and reposition areas of the spine interfering with the accurate nervous system control of your body.
  • Isn’t it normal to have disc problems as you get older?
    We tend to believe this because of the frequency of back issues as we grow older. The truth is that sheer carelessness and neglect is the cause. Until the advanced stages of degeneration, many spinal issues remain undetected because they are nonsymptomatic. Many chiropractic patients have no spinal issues well into their old age simply because they took care of their bodies.
  • How can a disc be involved when I didn’t do anything?
    We hear this very often. Due to the fact that our bodies adapt easily, many stresses can be contained for many years. There finally comes a point though, where our spine just can’t take anymore and even the slightest wrong move results in disc issues.