Wayne Schmitz
I was in a car accident at the end of May and hurt my foot. It wasn’t broken but it was painful to walk and even sleep at night. Going to Morgan Creek Family Chiropractic made a significant difference to my healing. Within a short time I was feeling much better and was able to return to my 6 km per day walk. The doctor not only helped my immediate problem but also assessed my foot structure. She suggested orthotics which relieved foot problems that had gone on for years. My feet are now happy….and so am I.

 Aaron Thompson
I will start by letting you know that I have always been skeptical of chiropractic offices and the effectiveness of the practitioners; any injury I sustained would be treated by applying heat, ice and time rather than scheduling a doctors appointment. However, this past year when I sprained my ankle a friend recommended Morgan Creek Family Chiropractic, given the pain I was in I figured it couldn’t hurt. The front office was very inviting and the space was very clean and did not feel like a regular doctors office. During my session it quickly become apparent that Dr. Grewal exuded great passion for her craft, she was attentive and had a great knowledge of body mechanics. In addition, she took her time during the appointment which was refreshing from the revolving door method other medical offices use. After the session my ankle was still in serious pain and I was unable to walk on it and I figured that my skepticism of chiropractors was true; however, it was the next morning that I realized the potential when I went from hopping around on one leg to being able to walk normally. After that moment I was hooked and have been going back for regular treatments and would highly recommend Morgan Creek Family Chiropractic not only for those with back problems but for those with sports injuries as well.

Russell Kozub
I’ve been going to chiropractors for the last 15 years all with the same result, if leave feeling good, but within a few days you felt like you needed a tune up. Ever since going to Dr. Grewal 4 months ago I haven’t felt better. MCfC is more then your traditional chiropractor. Dr. Grewal takes as much time as needed to figure out what’s wrong. My first appointment was an hour long!! Not just a quick adjustment and on my way. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Grewal if you have any pains or discomfort.

Tai Nguyen
Before I start the review I would like to provide a little background on why I went to MCFC. I had a severe pain in my right trapezius due to a pinched nerve from many years ago. It’s pretty painful and causes numbing in my right arm which prevents me from working in front of the computer for long period of time. Before going to MCFC, I tried many methods including messages, physiotherapies, pillows and sleeping positions which all helped but short lived. Before going to MCFC, I have never been to any chiropractor before so I was very skeptical on what the outcome would be. Before I receive any treatment, Dr. Grewal performed a posture test which tells me which parts of my body were out of alignment. The test showed that my neck was out of alignment (among other parts including back and hip) which was causing the pinched nerve. After the first treatment, my head felt ten pounds lighter and there was no stress on my neck. Of course, the pain came back after a couple of days but I knew this was going to happen due to muscle memory. So after about the fourth treatment, the pain is slowly going away; however, it does come back but not as often as before. I know my situation is a quick fix, I have been having this pain for the last five-six years so it will take some time. However, as the treatment goes by I’m feeling better and better and the pain is occurring less frequently with less severity. So, now that you know my situation I would like to share my thoughts on MCFC itself. Like I mentioned before, MCFC and Dr. Grewal is my first chiropractor and probably my last. I don’t think I would want or need to change to a different chiropractor. Dr. Grewal is knowledgeable and friendly. She listens and assesses my situation and develops a plan to attack the situation with care and friendliness. What more can you ask for in a doctor. The office is located in a new building and the office is very clean and tidy. As this is a new practice, all the equipment are new and don’t have a funny smell. Dr. Grewal makes me feel comfortable when I arrive and during all the treatments. I am bringing my mother to Dr. Grewal for treatment for her back pain – that’s the bottom line of it. If I’m comfortable enough to bring my mother here, I’m more than comfortable recommending this practice to anyone. I don’t do many reviews as I don’t think they are worth the time especially if I have nothing nice to say about them but because Dr. Grewal helped me out with my ever nagging pain – she deserves the high praise.

Tracy Yang
Dr. Grewal is very patient and does not rush through any of my sessions. She starts off the session by asking for my progress since the last session, then tailors treatment plan accordingly to treat any new/old problems areas. Her clinic also has the latest gagests to assist her with the treatment she carries out. I find it very enjoyable to go for my chiropractic appointments.

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